ABC Dropped the Official Trailer for 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 With Ellen Pompeo (2023)

Another day, another medical emergency at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Even though the season 18 finale of Grey's Anatomy aired in May and left us without plans on Thursday nights, we've been lucky to experience quite a few twists and turns this year.

We saw Kate Walsh return to play Addison for a few episodes. Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew — who portrayed Jackson and April, respectively — also shocked fans with surprise appearances. Cast members aside, what's going on with Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo, choosing to leave her position just as the Grey Sloan residency program gets put on probation? There are so many questions that we need answers to and lucky for us, we're going to get them.

That's right — our favorite Shondaland show is set to return for a remarkable season 19. While there aren't too many details about what we should expect from the new episodes, here's everything we know about Grey's Anatomy season 19 so far:

When is Grey's Anatomy returning for season 19?

Schedule yourselves an appointment, because ABC dropped the premiere date for Grey's Anatomy season 19. Starting on October 6 at 9 p.m. ET, fans can block out their Thursday nights to see all the inner workings at Grey Sloan. If you want to get a little more of what's going on in the lives of Seattle's first responders, tune in an hour earlier to see season 6 of Station 19 as well.

Most recently, on September 22, the alphabet network dropped the official trailer for Grey's Anatomy season 19. In the minute-long clip, Meredith welcomes the new interns who are quickly thrown into serious emergencies after a tornado causes brain injuries. What's more, folks learn that there's already a romantic connection. But it isn't between the titular character and Nick, who have been broken up for six months when the show picks up again.

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Who will be in the cast for Grey's Anatomy season 19?

In August, Deadline announced the official cast list for season 19. Ellen, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. are set to return to the hit medical drama. But they're not the only ones viewers can expect to see. Among the actors joining the trio on-screen are familiar faces including Camilla Luddington (Jo), Caterina Scorsone (Amelia), Kelly McCreary (Maggie), Jake Borelli (Levi), Chris Carmack (Link), Anthony Hill (Winston), Kim Raver (Teddy) and Kevin McKidd (Owen) — just to name a few.

One actor who's not coming back as a full time staff member of Grey Sloan is Scott Speedman, who has played Nick since the character's debut in season 18. Nick was originally set up to be a love interest for Meredith, but by the time the season finale came around, the couple had a falling out. She told him that he should return to his home state of Minnesota. Despite an attempt to patch things up, it wasn't clear how things turned out as the drama left the relationship on a cliffhanger.

ABC Dropped the Official Trailer for 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 With Ellen Pompeo (4)

As far as Scott's role on the show goes, he will return as a recurring cast member with high hopes of Meredith and Nick's storyline coming to a close. But that's not the latest news.

As old characters leave, new ones are bound to come in and charm longtime audiences. Season 19 will be no exception. New actors have joined the medical team at Grey Sloan this season as first-year surgical residents, including:

  • Inventing Anna star Alexis Floyd will portray Simone Griffin. Her character is Seattle born and bred but she didn't want to work at Grey Sloan due to personal traumas associated with the hospital.
  • Actor Niko Terho will play Lucas Adams, who Deadline writes as the "black sheep of his family." He might be charming, but he'll need to put in the effort in order to prove himself as a worthy surgeon.
  • Dash & Lily and Sex Lives of College Girls actress Midori Francis will star as Mika Yasuda, who is described as a middle child accustomed to "being overlooked and underestimated — and uses it to her advantage." Despite walking into season 19 with a ton of medical school loans, she's ready to become top of her class.
  • Reign star Adelaide Kane will portray Jules Millin, who TVLine described as being "raised by drug-addled artist/hippies and somehow emerged as the only real grown-up in the family."
  • Glee actor Harry Shum Jr. will play Daniel "Blue" Kwan, who Deadline wrote is "sharp-witted, impatient and brilliant." He may have a generous heart, but Daniel is "competitive to a fault, naturally gifted, and used to winning at everything." ABC also wrote he lands at Grey Sloan after going through a family crisis, which diverted his plans for a successful career.

So, what will the cast look like once they make their way to Grey Sloan Memorial? Thanks to James Pickens Jr., we actually have an idea! On August 10, he posted a behind-the-scenes photo with the show's newest series regulars. By the looks of it, they're ready to see what medical emergency has in store for them.

"Let’s give a warm welcome to the new Interns of the Grey’s family," he captioned the photo on Instagram. "Excited for season 19✌🏾."

In addition to the new group of residents, an actress from the show's early seasons will be back in a recurring role.

Variety announced in September that Kate Walsh will return as Addison Montgomery, just one year after she appeared in season 18 to assist with a uterine transplant. Folks may remember that at the time, she found a way to finally get closure about the death of ex-husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Meredith.

Will Ellen Pompeo be in season 19 of Grey's Anatomy?

In August, Deadline announced that Ellen's role would be written to a "limited capacity." She'll only be appearing over the course of eight episodes in Grey's Anatomy season 19. Despite the shortened length of time on the drama, Ellen is not leaving entirely. She'll still narrate all the episodes and be an executive producer. TVLine also reported that she's return for the season 19 finale in May.

The surprising move comes just after it was revealed that she would star and produce an upcoming limited series for Hulu. The show will be based on the story of Ukrainian-born Natalia Grace, whose adoptive parents Kristine and Michael Barrett claimed she was an adult posing as a child.

While the news is super exciting for Ellen, fans are still disappointed to see Meredith Grey working fewer hours at Grey Sloan. She did make sure to reassure her followers that while her character wouldn't be in as many episodes this season, she isn't going anywhere.

ABC Dropped the Official Trailer for 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 With Ellen Pompeo (6)

"[Grey's Anatomy] will be just fine without me," she told Deadline in September. "I’m going to always be a part of that show. I’m an executive producer on that show. I spent two decades of my career on that show — it’s my heart and soul. I’ll never truly be gone as long as that show is on the air.”

One person who isn't remotely concerned about Ellen's limited role this season is Jesse Williams, who famously played Dr. Jackson Avery for 12 seasons before leaving in 2021. He recently spoke out about his former co-star's big news, and he had nothing but high regard for the person who started it all.

"That woman has worked so hard all year, every year for 20 years for that franchise," the actor, told E! News' Daily Pop on August 10. "Whatever time she takes off is well-earned, and I'm sure they have a master plan."

Has Grey's Anatomy season 19 started filming?

According to a certain Grey's veteran, production has officially begun for season 19! Actress Caterina Scorsone, who plays Dr. Amelia Shepherd in the medical drama, tweeted how she was prepping for her first day on set, and how thrilled the cast is about the new season.

"Memorizing lines for #1901," she wrote on Twitter on July 30. "It’s here. There will be updates. The classic cast is ready and revving. The new cast additions are exciting and gorgeous. Inside and out. Here we go."

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Plus, the show gave fans a first look at the new characters and how they will interact with other major characters. "Congratulations — you did it," Meredith tells the new class of residents as they walk through the hospital rooms at Grey Sloan.

Is Grey's Anatomy season 19 going to be the show's final season?

Not even ABC is sure of the answer to this question. In a May interview with Deadline, ABC Entertainment President Craig Erwich said there are no final decisions about the future of the show. “We haven’t made any decisions at all,” he told the outlet. "We just celebrated Grey’s 400th episode, which is a remarkable achievement for any show."

In other words: If there are plans for an ending, ABC and Shondaland are certainly not cluing us in just yet.

'Grey's Anatomy' on Hulu

ABC Dropped the Official Trailer for 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 With Ellen Pompeo (9)

'Grey's Anatomy' on Hulu

How can I watch and stream Grey's Anatomy season 19?

Once new episodes premiere on October 6, Grey's Anatomy season 19 will air on ABC on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET. Viewers can also watch on the ABC app or on the next day.

If you're not in the mood to watch Grey's Anatomy live, it is also available to watch on Hulu, Philo and fuboTV. Plus, there's the option to purchase individual episodes of Grey's Anatomy on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube.

ABC Dropped the Official Trailer for 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19 With Ellen Pompeo (10)

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